Our mission at Benson Dentistry is to enrich lives by providing the highest quality, preventive-focused care in an honest and warmly personal environment.

why preventive dentistry?

As a general dentist in Benson, NC, we believe that less dentistry is better and are committed to helping our patients understand and achieve this ideal.

Our mantra here is “Simply less. But better.” Achieving that goal takes a deliberate approach. It takes more time on the front end. It means gathering more information about you so that better decisions are made and personalized plans can be created. It actually means getting to know you better – in more than just a “dental” way.

what makes benson dentistry different?
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Our personable and friendly approach

We get to know you. We gather information so we make better decisions and personalized plans.

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Our attention to detail and service

We help you understand your oral health. We not only ask “why?,” but we ask “how?”

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Our devotion to preventive healthcare

It’s our goal to get to the root cause of the issue. Instead of drilling, we aim to reverse the problem.

What can you expect at your appointment?
One-on-One Time

We - and especially Dr. Walker - spend more time with you. We listen to your concerns, ask about your goals, and work together with you. We help you understand YOUR oral health. If you have a cavity, not only will we ask %22why%22, but we will ask %22how?%22 How can we prevent future cavities?

Our Goal

On our best days, we invest our time in preventing or reversing problems, not drilling and filling them. Our success is not measured in numbers of fillings or crowns. It’s measured in the smiles we preserve and the patients we help achieve and maintain real oral health.

Remove the Distractions

While we do provide a vast range of dental procedures - including dental implants - we like to think we’re different from most others. We are deeply committed to providing honest care at the highest level we possibly can. That means reducing distractions like overlapping appointments with other patients. It literally means staying focused on the work at hand.

Meeting Dr. Walker

Providing the best care possible also means seeing the same doctor - Dr. Walker - each time. Not only does this strengthen your relationship with your dentist, but it also helps us better maintain quality control and thus provide you with the best care possible.

Our Insurance Policy

Other than Medicaid, we accept all insurances out-of-network. We help file whatever insurance you have and give you estimates for what your part of the dental treatment would be.

‘‘Kind, compassionate, and caring professionals! As someone with a lifelong fear of the dentist, I will have to say I received stellar patient care! Dr. Walker and his staff were so patient and understand and I could not thank them enough! Best experience!’’

Rebecca N.

Ready to experience "Simply Less. But Better."?

At Benson Dentistry, we represent a small team of inspired dental providers, practicing what we believe to be the highest form of healthcare: preventive healthcare. If our philosophy meets your needs, we encourage you to join us.