A dentist in Benson, NC bringing prevention-focused dentistry.

Welcome to Benson Dentistry with Dr. Chris Walker (dentist in Benson, NC). We believe in providing preventive dentistry that focuses on stopping problems BEFORE they occur while building a trusting relationship to keep you healthy for years to come.

Helping with dental fears

We understand a dentist's office isn't everyone's favorite place to be, but we try hard to make it the most comfortable experience for you. Please tell us what we can do to make your visit relaxing for you. We are here to help.

Working with your budget

We don't want a dental problem to become a money problem. Whether you have or don't have dental insurance, we will work with you to keep costs affordable while making sure your care is top-notch.

Patient-centered care

We promise never to judge your smile's condition. Instead, we will work with you to get your smile healthy again - and keep it that way - through compassionate care. We'll guide you there with evidence-based dentistry and technology.

An open-door policy

You'll find Benson Dentistry in a comfortable, cozy home in Benson, NC. Our patients often comment it's like visiting a friend. If you see the door open in our office, please come on in and let us know how we can help you.


Your dentist in Benson, NC.

"I see Benson Dentistry as a safe haven for your dental health where you can take charge of your oral health while we give you the tools you need to achieve your goals."


‘‘Kind, compassionate, and caring professionals! As someone with a lifelong fear of the dentist, I will have to say I received stellar patient care! Dr. Walker and his staff were so patient and understanding, and I could not thank them enough! Best experience!’’

Rebecca N., Actual Patient

‘‘Dr. Walker and everyone at Benson Dentistry are awesome! They take the time to explain your options, minimize your costs, and go above and beyond for every patient. They treat you like family!’’

Jana A., Actual Patient


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Benson Dentistry is proud to provide preventive dentistry to Benson and the surrounding communities, including Dunn, Raleigh, Newton Grove, Erwin, and so much more.

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