Are you looking for a dentist around the Raleigh, Benson, and Dunn areas? Making your visit convenient and comfortable is just one of our many specialities. Familiarize yourself with our policies below.

Conveniences For You

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Financial information

At Benson Dentistry, we accept:

  • Credit cards

  • Cash

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Insurance policy

Other than Medicaid, we accept all insurances out-of-network. We help file whatever insurance you have and give you estimates for what your part of the dental treatment would be.

We love answering patient questions!
Please consult our helpful FAQ below:
  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Currently, we are accepting new patients! Call or request your appointment here. You can fill out your forms here too.

  • Do you treat children?
    Absolutely! We generally see kids from ages 1 and up.

    At your baby’s first visit at age 1, we do what is called a “knee to knee” dentist visit and preventively apply fluoride to emerging teeth. As outlined by the Baby Oral Health Program, this educational and preventive experience helps parents and young child become comfortable with dental visits and to learn the importance of oral health.

    At age 3, we can start seeing your kids for full dental visits with our hygiene team. At each visit, our aim is two-fold: 1) To teach kids that the dentist’s office can actually be a fun place, and 2) battle the early childhood caries epidemic.

  • What insurances do you accept?
    Other than Medicaid, we accept all insurances out-of-network. We help file whatever insurance you have and give you estimates for what your part of the dental treatment would be.
  • I’m REALLY afraid of the dentist…can you help?
    We understand! You’re not alone; a lot of folks have major dental anxiety. We offer nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) to help you feel relaxed during your appointment! We do our best to be kind and courteous to all our patients. For patients who are anxious, we try to keep appointments as short as possible. We are constantly improving the comfort of our patients’ dental experiences and offer amenities like neck pillows, TVs in the room, and headphones.
  • Do you provide sedation dentistry?
    Yes, we provide both sedation options and anti-anxiety solutions to help ease your patient experience.

    IV Sedation: We do not provide IV sedation, but we do work with a number of qualified physicians who can provide this level of sedation dentistry if necessary.

    Anti-anxiety Medication: We provide a mild pill that will help ease your anxiety, such as valium. To receive this type of anti-anxiety medication for your dental appointment, you will need a signed consent form, advance screening, and an escort to and from your appointment.

    Nitrous Oxide: We also offer nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”) that helps our patients feel relaxed. This gas induces a lightheaded and giggly feeling while you are fully aware of your appointment. The effects of nitrous oxide wears off in about 15 minutes so you do not need someone else to drive you home.

    Local Anesthesia: We take great pride in providing excellent and profound local anesthesia. Thanks to the techniques we use, you can safely receive local anesthesia even if you opted for the anti-anxiety medication or nitrous oxide. However, most of our patients don’t even need those alternatives once they fall in love with our gentle touch!

  • Why don’t you have a particular service or amenity?
    Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at to ask! We are a small, high-touch practice focused on excellent patient care so we constantly implement new treatment options as the field of dentistry ever-improves.

    Do you have a complex issue? We can partner with excellent specialists if the need arises. To make sure you receive the best care possible, we can use our Cone Beam CT technology to scan, diagnose, and perform a treatment plan in close cooperation with our specialist colleagues in the medical field.

  • What do I do for dental emergencies after hours?
    For our patients of record, we do our best to be available for true emergencies.
‘‘I could not be more pleased with the care - thank you!’’

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